When You're Ready To Sell


When You're Ready To Sell

Once you’ve decided to sell, your next step is to sit down with one of our Kansas City area real estate experts. Together, you’ll discuss your goals, what to expect from the home-selling process, and your pricing options.


Stay Updated

My Home Sale keeps you updated 24/7 about my efforts to sell your home.



Discover Your Current Home's Value

Knowing what your current investment is will help you in determining what your next investment can be. Sign up for My Home Compare and get the latest updates when the market around you changes. Learn not only what your neighbors’ homes are listing for; learn what they sold for. Contact Christian to gain access to this powerful home selling tool.


Plan Your MovePlan Your Move

Have the confidence that everything is in order and ready to go when moving day arrives.

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How Much Will It Cost Me To CloseHow Much Will It Cost Me To Close?

Want to estimate how much it will cost you to make a move and find out what you may need to bring to closing? Contact Christian to have a full seller's estimate proceeds analysis done on your home. 




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